Assesment of overall environmental conditions

Industrial facility environmental compliance audit is intended to provide an overall assessment of environmental conditions to facility owners, prospective buyers, and interest holders.  An environmental compliance audit establishes the status of industrial facility’s operations with respect to the state, federal, and local environmental regulations and identifies the potential for onsite and offsite environmental impacts resulting from the facility operations.  M.S. Environmental Consultants has performed environmental compliance audits that address the following environmental compliance issues.

  • Assess compliance with federal, state and local regulations concerning
    • Air emissions
    • Spill response and reporting
    • SARA Title III reporting
    • Solid and hazardous waste management
    • RCRA Subtitle C reporting
    • PCBs and asbestos
    • Underground storage tanks
    • Wastewater discharges
    • Drinking water
  • Conduct a review of facility operating practices, including a thorough assessment of:
    • Facility raw material storage and process areas
    • Machine re-manufacturing/repairing processes
    • Waste stream management practices
    • Pollution control equipment
    • Recycling operations
    • Waste treatment, storage, and disposal practices
  • Conduct interviews of key compliance and operations staff and regulatory personnel, addressing issues of organization and reporting structures, resource allocation, training, recordkeeping and reporting
  • Conduct a review of:
    • Regulatory records
    • Compliance issues
    • Review of notices
    • Non-compliance orders
    • Environmental regulatory violations.